Women’s Buffalo District Golf Association Entry

 Wanakah CC 2016 Championship▪August 23rd & 24th

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2014 Championship Results

Bridgewater Country Club

2014 Overall Champion: Julie Murphy, Brookfield CC (78-83/161)

Runner-Up: Ann Luhr, Cherry Hill Club (80-84/164)

3rd Place: Victoria Parker, Orchard Park CC (81-85/166)

4th Place: Kathy Hunt, Brookfield CC (84-83/167) <Match of Cards>

5th Place: Kathy Hooper, Fox Valley Club (80-87/167)

6th Place: Vaso Kroto, Tan Tara GC (84-86/170) <Match of Cards>

7th Place: Donna Parker, Orchard Park CC (81-89/170)



Senior Flights - Champion, Kathy Hooper - 80


Flight 1, 1rd Gross: Kathy Hunt-84

Flight 1, 2nd Gross: Sharon Johnson-87 <Match of Cards>

Flight 1, 3rd Gross: Robbie Puszcz-87


Flight 2, 1rd Gross: Cindy Breski-92

Flight 2, 2nd Gross: Bonnie Miller-96 <Match of Cards>

Flight 2, 3rd Gross: Gloria Stone-96



Puszcz, Bowen, Galanas, Bonarek,

Potter, Boeheim, Charsley, Johnson,

DeLuca, Kroto, Kari Kaul, Luhr,

Kase, Kim Kaul, Henrich, Hooper

2016    Wanakah CC    August 23rd & 24th

2015 Results

Note: No caddies, parents, coaches or spectators on the course or within pairings.
This is a WBDGA rule and not a host club rule. Please abide by the WBDGA Dress Code.


Championship Tan Tara CC, August 2015


Overall Champion*: 
Kim Kaul (Gowanda) 78-77, 155
Runner Up: 
Kathy Hooper (Fox Valley) 80-75, 155
*Two hole sudden death playoff
Lauren Kase (Tan Tara) 76-81, 157
Kari Kaul (Gownada), 82-78, 160
Donna Henrich (Fox Valley) 79-83, 162
Vaso Kroto (Tan Tara) 82-82, 164


Senior Championship 60+ Overall:
Kathy Hooper (Fox Valley), 80
Flight 1:
1st Joan Boeheim, 87
2nd Lindley Bowen, 89
Flight 2:
1st Cindy Breski, 95
2nd Gloria Stone, 97
One Day Medal Overall: 
Victoria Parker (OPCC), 72
Flight 1:
1st Lauren Kase, 76
2nd Kim Kaul, 78
Flight 2:
1st Donna Henrich, 79
2nd Vaso Kroto, 82
Flight 3:
1st Terry DeLuca, 82
2nd Patty Hanivan, 86
Flight 4:
1st Barb Conrad, 85
2nd Diane Charlsley, 89